How to pack a Litter Free Lunch Box

How to pack a Litter Free Lunch Box

After an recent incident with a friends child and a toffee lollie, I was reminded of how children's behaviour is so dramatically affected by the food they eat (sugar, processed ingredients and preservatives). Her child was literally bouncing off the walls minutes after eating that single sweet, and then irrationally upset when he couldn't have any more, very out of character.

It's well known that food can influence a childs energy levels, concentration, mood, quality of sleep and more.

There are many 'healthy' lunch foods available today that are disguised by food companies as nourishing for children, but which are actually loaded with added sugar, preservatives and additives. Examples include packaged muesli bars, flavoured milks, fruit yoghurt, mini biscuits, processed cheese, flavoured crackers, fruit jellies, fruit rolls, the list goes on!

So if all this is out? What on earth to we feed our kids? An easy way to ensure we nourish kids with foods free from ingredients that don't serve their growth and development, is to avoid as many pre packaged foods as possible and go 'litter free'!

The two other most obvious benefits, aside from better nourishment, is less plastic wrap in the landfills and interestingly less expense at the check out! Bonus!
It can be overwhelming thinking of how to start to pack a litter free lunch box but here are some helpful steps to guide your way.

1. Invest in a quality lunchbox! If your child loves their lunchbox, what you pack it with will be even more exciting! By using a fun bento style box such as our Kiwi Boxes with multiple leak-proof compartments and Kiwiana tray design, kids have the novelty of eating out of different shaped spaces and revealing the image underneath. 

2. Pick one larger lunch box item (to replace the traditional boring ham sandwich). Some examples may be:

Add a savoury snack such as:

For an extra item add one a healthy “sweet treat” such as: 

Add a piece of low fructose fruit such as:

  • Apple
  • Berries
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Banana

And don't forget the drink bottle! Keeping kids hydrated is vital to good concentration and optimal performance. Get your kids in the habit of drinking all day, not just at morning tea and lunch times. Our favourite kids drink bottles are these amazing new Flexi Bottles which are silicone therefore durable and will withstand the school playground. Other options are these BPA free water bottles from Crocodile Creek and Beatrix New York.

I hope that's helped you feel slightly less overwhelmed and given you some inspiration for the new school term!






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