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We are a husband and wife team, located in Auckland, New Zealand. We care deeply about sustainability and healthy eating habits. As we run an education center, we are always with kids of all ages, and consider ourselves lucky to be able to contribute in a small way towards their learning and development.. Our heart is to inspire and empower New Zealanders with creative ways to nourish themselves and their children and to provide resources to enable this endeavour.


Growing up in India, we have always feasted on the best homemade food, made by mum. 20 years later, as we became young migrant parents, we wanted to give our son the best and widest range of cuisine available here in New Zealand. We felt so lucky to be able to introduce him to different foods from a young age. As all parents can relate, we always struggled with packing lunches in lunchboxes which were not suitable for the food we packed. It was a daily struggle to find the appropriate container for the food he liked. This is why we started Lunchbox Inc.

LunchBox, Inc. was born out of our mutual desire to help everyday kiwis make healthy eating fun! We wanted to design something practical and educational, to help develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

- We hope you love the LunchBox, Inc. range as much as we do -





As a couple, we are passionate about the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders, but also about those in developing countries, whose opportunities are significantly more limited than our own. 


Having both traveled individually to various countries overseas (including Africa, South America, and South East Asia) to do various medical and humanitarian aid trips, we traveled as a couple to Nepal in March this year to lend a hand in post-earthquake rebuilding and medical outreach. Our team was given the amazing opportunity to trek into remote villages in the Himalayas to offer medical aid, nutrition and hygiene advice, structural engineering input and just generally encourage and uplift these devastated communities. We were able to partner with the local community to assist in funding some of their rebuild efforts.
We maintain contact with the Himalayan villages we visited as we wish to continue our volunteer work and will keep you posted! 
From these small beginnings, LunchBox, Inc. is committed to giving back, to reaching out to those who need a helping hand beyond our beautiful shores. 




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