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Reusable Snack Packs - Kai Carrier - 10 Pack

Reusable Snack Packs - Kai Carrier - 10 Pack

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Snack Packs - Kai Carrier - 10 Pack

 Snack Packs are a great alternative to plastic food wrap, zip lock bags and containers

Fill with scroggin, raisins and healthy snacks for the lunch box or use to store toddler sized meals such as macarroni cheese or spagetti bolognese

Great for the lunch box at waste free kindys or schools

Take camping, tramping or trips to the park, beach or for an after sport snack

Cost effective as they can be used over and over again

All Snack Packs have a double zip lock and are made of eco-friendly recyclable materials

All Kai Carrier pouches are:


    • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free


    • Dishwasher safe (top rack)


    • Freezable


    • Microwavable (ensure ziplock is open and test product before consuming)


Reduce your weekly shopping bill by buying in bulk and encourage healthy eating

Help reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on packaging waste sent to landfill

      Kai Carriers are easy to fill, no mess reusable food pouches. Just fill with fresh pureed combo of vegetables or fruit, poultry, meat, legumes, grain, dairy, smoothies or yoghurt.

    Easy reusable food pouches. 


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