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MontiiCo | Medium Insulated Lunch Bag

MontiiCo | Medium Insulated Lunch Bag

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MontiiCo Medium Insulated Lunch Bag

Conquer survival mode and build next-level lunches with our MontiiCo Medium Insulated Lunch Bag! Meet our brand new bag. He's our happy medium - the perfect in between size for pre-schoolers.

  • New water resistant fabric for better performance against dirt and grime
  • Machine washable - Pop 'em in, keep them clean!
  • Includes "food safe" gel ice pack 
  • 25% smaller than our Large lunch bags, which still allows plenty of space to pack lunch plus snacks!
  • Durable fabrics (they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours)
  • Quality aluminium lining. No plastic comes into contact with your lunch
  • Thick insulation to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer
  • Easy to wipe clean, for a mess-less life
  • Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = No soggy food
  • Robust, easy to open custom Montii zippers
  • Made to last

    MontiiCo Medium Insulated Lunch Bag measurements (inside) 21cm x 23.5cm x 7.5cm

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