Eco Gifts Ideas for the work place

We provide lunch boxes and drink bottles in bulk for companies wanting to invest in a gift for their staff that is healthy, saves money and helps the environment.

   Bupa NZ - The Smile Project. Case Study




We've had the privilege of working alongside Bupa NZ. Bupa NZ approached us to partner with them on an amazing initiative to inspire employees towards greater individual health by providing them with a quality lunch box and encouraging the use of the lunch box to bring food to work, saving money and the environment in the process.

As a small business who aim to be eco-friendly and believe in giving back to those in need internationally, Bupa NZ saw us as an ideal fit for this initiative.

Bupa NZ’s project was one we could thoroughly get behind, because at LunchBox Inc., not only do we believe that packing a lunch and getting creative in the kitchen with real food ingredients brings health to the body, but it also models positive habits to others, is financially beneficial (saving money on snack packs and giving the ability to buy in bulk) and is one easy step we can take towards waste reduction and creating an environmentally friendly lifestyle.



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