Roll'eat Sandwich Bag

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Food carriers that take care of you and the environment. 
  • Say goodbye to throw-away wrappers and enjoy your sandwiches on-the-go thanks to this environmentally friendly sandwich wrap.
  • It has an easy fastener that makes it adaptable to different food shapes and sizes (sandwich, fruit..).
  • It is convenient, compact, machine washable and also serves as an individual placemat.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • BPA free
  • Lunch box dimensions:
    • 22.5cm length
    • 17.5cm width
    • 5cm depth

The use of bento lunch boxes is taking New Zealand by storm, and with good reason. They offer cost effectiveness, waste and portion control, variety and fun!



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    With a silicon seal, the Kiwi Box prevents leakage of contents from the box and prevents leakage between individual compartments. Perfect for those wet food items such as yoghurt, dips and sauces. 


    With two easy to open latches for little fingers, vibrant colours and a fun Kiwiana design, the Kiwi Box has appeal to children of all ages.


    Obviously, the best way to reduce waste is not to create it! By reusing the box each day, you're reducing the need for plastic wrap, commercial packaging and snack packs. Not contributing to more waste is obviously better for the environment long term.

    The plastic used in LunchBox Inc, Bento lunch boxes is:

     -   100% food grade safe, non- toxic, non-leaching
     -   free from BPA, phtalate and lead
     -   highly durable
     -   dishwasher safe to 65 degrees


    With childhood obesity on the rise in New Zealand, it's important to teach our kids appropriate portion size and how to structure a meal for optimal nutrition. With this bento lunch box, comes multiple compartments, the Kiwi Box creates separate spaces for protein, carbohydrates and fats, teaching the necessity of balancing all three macronutrients.

    We live in a eat-on-the-go culture which can often make mealtimes mindless and can mean kids and adults alike, are not conscious of how much food we're consuming. Eating then becomes thoughtless, happening all day long in places that are less than ideal for optimal digestion.

    The Kiwi Box is designed to hold sensible portion sizes and promote mindful eating. In addition to our passion for providing nourishing lunchbox ideas (to help with quality of food), LunchBox Inc. lunch boxes can be used as tools to help kids become aware of the quantity of food they're consuming.


    Despite what the media would have us believe, it is far cheaper buying in bulk and packaging your own lunch box, than relying on individually wrapped (often poorly portioned) food items. Your kids will LOVE our bento lunch box and you will love how practical they are for school lunches these days! 

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