MontiiCo Insulated Smoothie Cup - Peachy Hearts- 450ml

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MontiiCo Insulated Smoothie Cup-Peachy Hearts 450ml

Meet Peachy Hearts Smoothie - with her party poppin' printed finish. Peachy colour with a Heart-shaped laser print. You'll start your day feelin' peachy! With a bounce in your step, you'll be kicking off the day and spreading the lurrvvee (heart eyes emoji)

Awesome insulated Smoothie Cup by MontiiCo. Great for kids and adults alike. When you step out holding this insulated cup, there’s no worry of smashing or spilling a drop, it'll keep your liquid cool all day. Fill it up with whatever your kids fancy – smoothies, juice, infused water, milkshakes and more! 


Dimension: 10cm x 17cm (straw length 24cm)

Material: Stainless Steel

  • Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel lid + thick straw (it even has a stopper so the straw won’t pop out)
  • A dent and scratch resistant finish 
  • Sports lid with pop top,screw to open
  • Easy to keep clean,won't hang on to flavours
  • Fits in car drink holders


    Stainless steel lid and thick straw

    Bringing smoothies to the next level!