Insulated Neoprene Totes - Stripes

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Stripes - multi colour

These Neoprene insulated totes make great lunch bags!

Machine washable, insulates food with Neoprene (wetsuit material).


They expand to fit whatever food and drink you pack and feature a secure zipper closure. Perfect for road trips, picnics, lunch at the office or any time you're on the run. Machine washable so there's no need to worry about spills, and completely reusable - so no more plastic bags!


Product Details:


      • Neoprene is a fantastic insulator, not just for wetsuits!
      • Stain, tear and water resistant
      • Soft, easy to clean, stores flat
      • Reusable and durable
      • Expand to fit a variety of food and drink
      • Quality machine washable Neoprene
      • Secure zipper closure
      • 3.5mm neoprene
      • Food safe material
      • These cute totes make it easy to transport food to school, work, or any time on-the-go
      • Dimensions (outside): 30cm length, 29cm width, 16cm depth
      • Weight 165g

Excellent quality thermo insulated neoprene lunch totes, perfect for throwing in all your gourmet treats